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"No, I didn't. I sat by bending my legs, flexing my thighs to slow my descent, and planting my butt on the seat. No faith involved. Just trust in the fact that it is a chair, and is designed to hold my weight comfortably without breaking."

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He got in and he started to tell me about a wild night he had with his girlfriend, which I knew was a lie since my girlfriend remoging his girlfriend home.

As I got to school, I started to wonder about last night, who I could go to with this problem. There were only two people I trusted with my life, one was my father, but I couldn't talk to him about the situation last night, it would kill my parents' marriage.

The other one, was my baseball coach, he has been my baseball coach since I entered baseball when I was 8. As I was sitting in Math class, I was just thinking about what happen last night. I took out my phone, and I texted Coach.

I told him I needed to talk to him about something, and he texted back asking what teacher I had.

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  • Fucked without removing pants
    Aragore wrote 24.03.2018, 19:19: #1

    Nice try. But still weak.

  • Kazikinos wrote 31.03.2018, 09:58: #2

    I explain in detail. The event of abiogenesis (the appearance of the first self-replicating molecule) can be either random or non-random. In the first case it doesn't correlate with other events (beyond some time scale). In the latter case the correlation time scale exceeds the life time of the universe. The estimated minimum size of such a molecule is about 250 independent blocks. The probability of a random self-assembly of 250 constituent blocks in a particular order is 1/250! which is about 10^-500. This probability is prohibitingly small. Therefore, we have to conclude that it wasn't a random event but a result of a process of the time scale exceeding the life time of the universe. That is, the appearance of life is a result of the initial state of the universe. In this way, it is evidence that the universe is not in ergodic equilibrium. I earlier quoted Dirac's opinion about it.

  • Negami wrote 10.04.2018, 05:14: #3

    hmm I wonder what your answer to 16 will be.

  • Bajora wrote 10.04.2018, 16:27: #4

    LOL it was very funny, a little confusing for others though, looked like Wendy was having conversations with himself

  • Знакомства
    Goltitaur wrote 15.04.2018, 14:30: #5

    I've never been into food mixed with sex. But again, I have nothing against folks, like you, who like to play with their food.

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Fucked without removing pantsFucked without removing pantsЗнакомства

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